2021 NO.31


Souvenirs of JapanSouvenirs of Japan


Special Little Plates to Brighten Up Your Table

Photos: Arai Akiko

Occasionally in Japanese cuisine, petite side dishes designed to refresh the taste buds and cleanse the palate between bites are added to the table. These are called hashiyasume, literally meaning “to rest the chopsticks.” Compared to other sides, they are served in the smallest portions, almost like a garnish, adding a touch of special color and flare to the meal. Mamezara are small plates around 6cm in diameter, perfect for serving hashiyasume. Mamezara enhance the look of any side, from beans, pickles, and vinegared dishes, to condiments such as scallion and ginger, or snacks like fruit and nuts. Add whimsy to the dinner table with mamezara crafted in the shape of a flower, hand fan, or gourd. These little plates can be made of ceramic, glass, or lacquer and are often used to bring a seasonal or festive look to a meal. Light, easy to handle, and useful, mamezara are the perfect addition to any tableware collection.

Mamezara are great for serving small portions of various condiments, such as scallion or seaweed.
(Photo courtesy of scope)