2021 NO.31


Taking a Little Break, Japan-Style


Relaxing in Japanese Loungewear

Function, comfort, fashion. Japanese loungewear delivers all three, adding a bit of luxury to time spent at home.

Comfortable as a Fluffy Sweet

Pastel colors that bring to mind icing on a cake. In fabrics so soft, they’re a pleasure on the skin (right). In designs so sweet, they bring a thrill each time you put them on. The popular Japanese brand gelato pique turns loungewear into fashion.(Photo courtesy of MASH Style Lab Co., Ltd.)

Bare Feet Fun

Made long ago of straw and bamboo, Japanese traditional zori sandals have been transformed into brightly colored fashion slippers for indoor wear. Cloth zori (right) are woven from strips of fabric and feel great against bare feet. They also add a stylish accent to interior decor. (Photo courtesy of MERIKOTI)

Pajamas in Denim

Pajamas made from fabric woven in Kojima, a town in Okayama Prefecture known as “the birthplace of Japanese denim.” This sleepwear is made from denim that is thinner, softer on the skin (right), and keeps its color longer than usual jean denim, yet is just as fashionable. (Men’s pajamas pictured above.) (Photo courtesy of Kaimin Labo)

Stay Cool in Summer with Traditional Fabrics

Children’s clothing made from brightly dyed and patterned Takashima Chijimi, a ramie crepe fabric produced for centuries in Takashima city, Shiga Prefecture. The fabric’s puckered texture (top left) wicks away moisture and feels smooth and pleasant on the skin. (Photo courtesy of SOU・SOU)

Clothing for Better Rest

“Recovery wear” is made from yarn spun with PHT (platinum harmonized technology) fibers that contain nano platinum and other minerals. These fibers stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps restore the mind and rejuvenate the body. Just wearing this clothing can help relieve fatigue. (Photo courtesy of VENEX Co., Ltd.)