2022 NO.33


Souvenirs of JapanSouvenirs of Japan


Japan-Original, Beautiful Writing Implements, So Easy to Use
Glass Pens

Photos: Hongo Jin

Left: The pen’s nib has 8-12 grooves.
Center: When the nib is dipped in ink, a phenomenon called surface tension causes the ink to flow up into the grooves.
Right: A single dip draws in enough ink to write and address a postcard.

Write in your journal or compose a letter to a friend with a truly special pen and ink. These days, when writing with digital devices has become the norm, more and more people are finding joy in writing letters by hand. Glass pens take these special moments to the next level.

A writing implement with a glass nib dipped in ink, this pen is more than merely a beautiful instrument. Gliding effortlessly over paper and retaining ink well, it is also eminently practical. Simply rinse the nib in water and wipe dry to easily switch between a variety of different colored inks to suit your mood or purpose. Watching the nib take on a vivid color as the grooves draw in the ink is yet another delight of using a glass pen.

The invention of this writing implement is attributed to a wind chime maker in Japan in the early 20th century.
At first, only the nib was made of glass. Eventually, though, the body too became glass, and these pens became known as writing tools as beautiful as any work of art. Each pen is handcrafted by a master—no two are exactly the same shape or color. Find a special glass pen that catches your eye and is a joy to hold—you may have a companion for life.

Cooperation: Glass Studio Kasho