2020 NO.29


Souvenirs of JapanSouvenirs of Japan


A flower bottle cozy made of beautiful woven fabric
Cloth Flower Vase

We embrace the changing seasons with flower decorations. This can be enjoyed at any time with this flower bottle cozy, inspired by the material used in kakejiku (Japanese hanging scrolls). Even if you don’t have a vase specifically for flowers, this useful item can be used as a cloth festive flower vase simply by placing it over an empty bottle.
Kakejiku in Japan highlight calligraphy or paintings, and have a beautiful textile frame. These meticulously-woven fabrics with traditional Japanese patterns are called hyosogire. Patterns vary, such as stylized natural motifs like clouds and water, or plant themes, such as plum blossoms and pine trees. These exquisite fabrics, woven with gorgeous gold threads or a variety of traditional colors, make for a charming interior item.

Courtesy: TORII Co., Ltd., Igarashi Design Studio

Pour water into an empty bottle or other container and slip the “Cloth flower vase” over it.

Put flowers, and here’s your vase!

Hyosogire with the motif of clouds, which are said to be an omen that something auspicious is about to happen.