2020 NO.29


召し上がれ、日本A Virtual Journey through Japan


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The Japanese word en means relationships, connections, bonds and the like between persons and events. Desiring to find a wonderful romantic partner or a good job? Hoping to maintain amicable relations with friends and family? Japan’s en-musubi spots are traditionally known for making these wishes come true and for tying together positive en. Let’s visit several en-musubi spots!

北海道 福島 埼玉 三重 鳥取 長崎 鹿児島

Hakuto Shrine
(Tottori City)

In the Kojiki, Japan’s oldest existing literary work, there is a myth of an injured white rabbit being saved by a god, and traces of this are scattered throughout Hakuto (literally meaning “white rabbit”) Shrine. It is also known to be a backdrop to the oldest love story in Japan.

Toyoni Lake
(Horoizumi District)

This is known as a sightseeing spot for sealing romantic relations. Surrounded by majestic primeval forest, an aerial view of the lake reveals it to be in the shape of a heart.

Bishamon-numa Pond
(Yama District)

Part of the Goshiki-numa (literally meaning “five-color ponds”) group of ponds and lakes, Bishamon-numa Pond is popular for being home to a white carp with a red heart on its side that is said to bring happiness to those who are fortunate enough to spot it.

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
(Kawagoe City)

Every year in July and August, over 2,000 Edo wind bells resonate with their refreshing timbre. For weddings, there is a unique ceremony for the bride and groom to mutually tie special red strings, signifying the couple’s destiny, around their pinky fingers.

Megane Bridge
(Nagasaki City)

Megane Bridge (literary meaning “spectacles bridge”) is Japan’s first arched stone bridge, constructed in 1634. It is named so because its reflection on the river resembles a pair of eyeglasses. Finding a heart-shaped stone in the embankment is said to make a wish come true.

Mieshima Observatory
(Watarai District)

The spectacular view of the beautiful heart-shaped bay of Kasaragi Pond is exclusive to the Mieshima Observation Platform inside Ise-Shima National Park. This is also referred to as a special spot for lovers, who can lock a “love devotion padlock” on the key rack placed there.

(Ibusuki City)

Chiringashima is an uninhabited island in Kagoshima Bay. Only at low tide from March through October, a sandbar approximately 800 meters long emerges to “connect” the island and the land, making it possible to walk over. It is thus known as an island of en-musubi.