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Dancing Japan!


Dance in Anime

The characters in Japanese anime often dance. Especially during the title sequence and closing credits, when the characters are shown in a different light, these dances are charmingly sweet at times and boldly dynamic at others.

Oshi no Ko (“Favorite Child”)

This anime depicts the realities of the entertainment industry and the world of pop idols, focusing on the story of Ai (pictured), an exceptionally clever pop idol, and her children. In the film, Ai and other idols often sing and dance, and many young fans post videos on social media of themselves performing the same dances.

©Akasaka Aka x Yokoyari Mengo / SHUEISHA Inc. / Oshi no Ko Production Committee

Sukippu to Rofa (“Skip and Loafer”)

This story of high school life focuses on the interaction between the main character, Iwakura Mitsumi, who comes to Tokyo from the countryside, and her friends. In the title sequence, Mitsumi and her classmate Shima Sosuke skip and dance, setting a gentle tone that leaves the viewer with a warm feeling.

©Takamatsu Misaki / Kodansha Ltd. / Sukippu to Rofa Production Committee

Sore Ike! Anpanman (“Let’s Go! Anpanman”)

A long-running series loved by children since it first aired in 1988, the program conveys the importance of courage and friendship through episodes involving Anpanman, a superhero and symbol of justice, and his friends. The closing song Anpanman Taiso (“Anpanman Exercise”), San San Taiso (“Sun Sun Exercise”) and other songs from the series are accompanied by dance routines that engage the whole body with large movements and are easy for children to remember. It is often performed at parent days at schools and other children’s events.

©Yanase Takashi / FROEBEL-KAN CO., LTD. / TMS / NTV

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”)

This series depicts the somewhat mysterious high school life of students Suzumiya Haruhi and Kyon. Watching the characters perform fast-paced dance moves to the ending song, Hare Hare Yukai (“Sunny, Sunny, Happiness”) prompted many to try it themselves. The trend even went viral with people posting videos on the Internet with the hashtag #odottemita (“I Tried the Dance.”)

©2006 Tanigawa Nagaru / Ito Noizi / SOS団

Hirogaru Sukai! Purikyua (“Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure”)

An installment in the Pretty Cure franchise, the series tells the story of the main characters who transform into Pretty Cure magical warriors who face various obstacles. The closing scene brings them together in a dance with charming choreography that makes kids want to join in with the characters.



One of the most popular anime in Japan, the series depicts the daily life of Doraemon, a cat-shaped robot from the future, and Nobita, an elementary school student. This long-running program debuted in 1979 and has been on Japanese TV for over 40 years. One closing song, Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo (“Dance, Doraemon!”), features the characters dressed in happi coats and yukata robes dancing a bon-odori dance.

©Fujiko Production / SHOGAKUKAN Inc. / TV Asahi Corporation / SHIN-EI ANIMATION Co., Ltd. / ADK