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Discover manga, anime, J-pop, and much more in this section showcasing the latest pop culture phenomena to capture the imagination of Japan's young people.

The Wonderful World of "Nishikigoi": Carp That Captivate the Globe

Nishikigoi are a type of carp that originated through mutation during the Edo period (specifically, the 19th century) in Japan. They have been bred over many years, and have been loved as ornamental fish by Japanese people for a long time. Nishikigoi are called "living jewels" and "swimming works of art" owing to their striking beauty. More and more people worldwide are becoming fans of these valuable ornamental fish. Let's take a look at nishikigoi and how it captivates people around the globe.

Photo Stickers Have Long Been a Part of Youth Culture

hoto sticker machines are interactive photo booths where you can take photos and print them out as stickers and have been a hit among teenagers ever since they first appeared in amusement arcades back in 1995. They also allow you to add frames, decorate them with doodle functions or edit the photos themselves. The craze has continued to grow to the point that the first thing teenagers say when they hang out is "let's take photo stickers!" — it's even become a slogan. Here, we will delve into why photo sticker machines are so popular and how teenagers like to enjoy them.

The Evolution of Japanese Miniatures

In Japan, appreciation for tiny things has long been part of the culture, and it's common for people to set small things down and admire their beauty up close. There's also a proud tradition of making small, intricately detailed objects by hand. Bonsai trees are of course known worldwide and considered an important part of Japanese culture passed down through the ages, but there are also more modern manifestations of this widespread love for small objects — from miniature products that reflect contemporary culture and trends to the emergence of artists working on a uniquely petite scale. Let's take a look at how Japan's miniature culture has continuously evolved in step with the Japanese passion for craftsmanship.

An Amusement Park Experience You Can Only Get in Japan

From children to adults, everyone loves an amusement park. Of course, this goes for people in Japan too. With a history going back over 100 years, Japan's amusement parks have their own distinct appeal — ranging from exciting attractions that can be enjoyed alongside scenic views to haunted house attractions unique to Japan and movie-like live-action shows. Each amusement park has its own personality specific to that region, and they are a great place for discovering new aspects of Japan.

Young People's Fascination With Retro Culture

All around the world, retro fashion and items are experiencing a surge of popularity among Generation Z — people born between the mid-1990s and the 2010s. One example of this is the revival of "Y2K fashion" from the 2000s. The bright and glossy clothing, short shirts and skirts, and pop bead accessories that were popular at the time are now back on trend for a second round. The unusual thing about this revival is that it's happening globally all at once. But, for this article, let's focus on Japan—what is it about the retro aesthetic that's striking a chord with young Japanese people?

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