2018 NO.23

Style in Japan


Local Cosmetics to Make You More Beautiful

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Areas across the country make use of traditional Japanese craftsmanship to produce local cosmetics from natural ingredients such as flowers and fruit. Discover new items unique to these parts of Japan and enhance your beauty and relaxation regimes.

Photo: Ito Chiharu

① 北海道 Hokkaido

Asparagus Multi Balm

This body balm, which contains asparagus extract produced in Engaru-cho, is especially effective on face, lips, and other areas that are prone to dryness.

(Available in Japanese)

② 岩手 Iwate

Kesen Tsubaki (Camellia) Hand Cream

With camellia oil extracted from camellia seeds gathered by people in the Kesennuma area, this hand cream was developed as part of a project to support communities affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

(Available in Japanese, English, and Chinese)

③ 群馬 Gunma

kinu soap

The word “kinu” means silk, which is a local specialty in Gunma Prefecture. Formulated with extract from silk cocoons, kinu soap provides antioxidants and boosts the skin’s ability to hold moisture. This soap is made from cocoons produced in Tomioka and was developed in collaboration with the dermatology department at the local medical university.

(Available in Japanese)

④ 東京 Tokyo

Komachi Beni

This traditional Japanese lip rouge is still produced by the long-established shop in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi with the original methods used since 1825. Made only with natural red pigments from safflower petals.

(Available in Japanese and English)
(Photo courtesy of Isehan shop)

⑤ 新潟 Niigata

Nail File Shiny

Known for its metal industry, Tsubame City puts its famed stainless steel polishing techniques to work crafting this nail file. Fine grooves intersect diagonally on the curved surface for a nail file that has a loyal customer base among men as well as women.

(Available in Japanese)

⑥ 富山 Toyama

Marine Mineral Mist

This moisturizing facial mist is made with deep seawater from Toyama Bay. One of the areas in Japan with the most snowfall, Toyama’s snowmelt contains a wealth of minerals to generously hydrate skin.

(Available in Japanese and English)

⑦ 三重 Mie

Oisesan Purifying Spray

An aromatic spray made with mineralrich naturally dried salt and natural essential oils to cleanse and purify both body and soul. Available at shops along the approach to Ise Jingu Shrine, one of Japan’s most venerated shrines.

(Available in Japanese)

⑧ 京都 Kyoto

Gofun Nail

Made from whiting powder, an ancient Japanese paint made from shells. Developed at Japan’s oldest paint shop in Kyoto, this nail polish has no irritating odor and is gentle on the nails.

(Available in Japanese and English)
(Photo courtesy of Ueba Esou)

⑨ 奈良 Nara

QUON Body Powder

Manufactured to the highest standards from all-natural, pesticide-free tea grown in Nara Prefecture. This body powder is made with rice and kudzu starch powder for smooth, comfortable skin.

(Available in Japanese)

⑩ 愛媛 Ehime

Bath Salt
(Ponkan orange)

These bath salts are made with oil extract from the peel of citrus grown in Ehime Prefecture, an area of Japan famous for its citrus varieties. Relax in a richly scented, moisturizing bath.

(Available in Japanese)

⑪ 大分 Oita

Organic Clay Mud Pack

A mud pack made from blue clay found in Beppu hot springs. Rich in natural spring agents and minerals, blue clay removes excess oils from the skin and hydrates with natural spring water for firmer, more even skin tone.

(Available in Japanese)
(Photo courtesy of ONLY Corp.)