2018 NO.23

Style in Japan


Cutting-Edge Medical Technology for Beautiful Skin

Japanese beauty products use the latest medical technology to alleviate a variety of skin problems, including wrinkles and sagging caused by age and inflammation caused by damage from UV rays.

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Cooperation: Ludia Co., Ltd., MTG Co., Ltd. and CosMED Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

1Herbal ingredients for rejuvenation

Ludia I’LG-b Serum contains ILG to improve skin tone in a variety of ways. (Apply to skin after moisturizer.)

Extracted in trace amounts from the licorice root, the herbal medicine isoliquiritigenin (ILG) is gaining a great deal of attention in the field of medicine. Research at Kagawa University has found that this herb effectively suppresses the oxidation and inflammation that cause cellular deterioration, giving it promise as a cosmetic ingredient. ILG was delivered successfully in a commercial skincare product for the first time in 2011 and is recognized for effectively improving spots and wrinkles and treating sensitive or rough skin.


After applying moisturizer to cleansed skin, rub 5 ml or so into the skin, concentrating on problem areas.


Improves age-related skin problems such as dryness, sagging, spots, and wrinkles.


World’s first cosmetic product to contain isoliquiritigenin (ILG) extracted from licorice root and used as a herbal medicine.

2Reactivation at the cellular level

Widely used in medicine, microcurrent treatments are extremely effective in promoting cellular recovery, suppressing pain and relieving fatigue. The original solar panel technology employed in this facial massager generates microcurrents for a deep roller massage that leads to tighter skin.


Roll along contours, cinching soft skin in trouble areas such as face, neck, and waist. (Orbs at the tip of the massager roll across skin.)


Solar panels in the handle take in light to generate microcurrents.


Gives general consumers access to the microcurrent technology used in the medical field.

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Experience microcurrent technology at home with Refa brand products from MTG Co., Ltd.

3Microneedle cosmetics

Microneedle technology is used in medical patches to deliver medicine directly through the skin. As effective as injections and infusions, microneedles are expected to be a useful method for fighting infectious disease with vaccines and delivering insulin for diabetes patients. CosMED Pharmaceutical is the first company in the world to successfully form microneedles from hyaluronic acid to create moisturizing sheet masks. The moisturizing hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin to prevent spots and wrinkles. These unprecedented beauty masks are really capturing the spotlight.


Apply sheet masks below the eyes or to other areas of the face.


Hyaluronic acid dissolves into the outermost layer of the epidermis, boosting the layer’s moisture-holding capacity and leaving the skin firmer and suppler.


World’s first use of microneedle technology to crystallize hyaluronic acid, the skin’s natural moisturizing substance, into needle-like shapes.

When sheet masks lined with fine hyaluronic acid needles are applied, the hyaluronic acid needles are dissolved by the skin’s fluid to deliver hydration into the layers of the skin.

CosMED Pharmaceutical’s Quanis brand dermafiller features microneedle technology.