2018 NO.23

Style in Japan


The Japanese Bride: Wrapped in a Vision of Beauty

Aesthetic preferences were developed over the centuries in Japan, and even today they make the bride glow on her wedding day.

Photos courtesy of amanaimages, PIXTA


Woven into the white bridal kimono are good-luck patterns wishing the bride a happy wedded life. Rising to the surface of the soft silken cloth, the patterns create a sense of quiet beauty so typically Japanese.

White kimono

The bride and groom are attired in tradition on their wedding day. White is the bridal color for wedding ceremonies in many countries, and in Japan the bride may be clothed entirely in white. The color white conveys a sense of purity. White also has another meaning: it is readily dyed to the hue of the home the bride marries into.

Colorful design

After the wedding vows, the bride changes into a colorfully ornate robe, then enters the reception hall to greet family and friends. The white cap that has veiled her head and face is removed, and now she shows her uncovered face to the reception guests.

Hair decoration

The traditional hairstyle for the bride starts with a bountiful coiffure. Her hair decorations use kanzashi hairpins crafted by hand for splendor and detail.