2014 No.13


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Souvenirs of JapanSouvenirs of Japan


Mount Fuji Sweets

Mount Fuji Sweets

Photos by Horiguchi Hiroaki
Collaboration: Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd., Fujiyama Cookie, and Mary Chocolate Co., Ltd.





Confection makers in Japan began selling o-kashi sweets shaped like Mount Fuji many years ago, and the number and variety of different types have continued to grow since 2013, when UNESCO added Fuji to its list of world heritage sites. This page features just a few of them.

Monaka is baked rice flour dough stuffed with an bean paste. These ones give a double dose of happiness—the shape is charming, and the crane “husband and wife” image is said to bring good luck (1).

Cute cookies with their pastel colors and soft lines are right out of pop culture, ready to offer comfort to the soul (2). Some tiny Fujis are made from a fruity jelly (3). Then there are candies that capture the mountain with a bright red sun over it (4). Just thinking about popping one of these in your mouth is enjoyable.

The next time you are at an airport in Japan, or at a railway station or shop near Mount Fuji, look for colorful sweets like these.