2014 No.13


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Mount Fuji, Symbol of Japan


Mount Fuji
One of the World’s Treasures

Mount Fuji’s appearance changes, depending on the weather, the position of the sun, and your location when looking at it. But one thing never changes—the mountain’s majestic beauty always justifies its reputation as one of the world’s treasures.

Fuji seen from Mount Kushigata in Minami-Arupusu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. (Photo by Oyama Yukio)

The “Diamond Fuji” effect occurs when the sun is precisely aligned with the summit. (Photo courtesy of Aflo)

Water from under the mountain joins a river that drops over the Shiraito no Taki waterfalls. At times the flow over the falls amounts to 1.5 tons of water every second. (Photo courtesy of Aflo)

Lake Motosuko (Photo courtesy of Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun-sha)