2014 No.13


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Mount Fuji, Symbol of Japan


Soak in a Hot Spring
while Admiring Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji instills reverence in the Japanese and is a popular place for hiking. It has another charm, one that gives pure enjoyment: you can gaze at its beauty while soaking in a hot spring. Come to experience the bliss for yourself near the mountain, in Yamanashi or Shizuoka prefecture.

Map compilation: Oguro Kenji

1. The entire mountain, right to its base, is yours to see from an open-air hot spring bath. Each season presents a different picture-perfect Mount Fuji. (Hotel Kaneyamaen, Yamanashi Prefecture)

2. Beyond the wide expanse of glass at a public bath lies a view you will never forget. (Gotembashi Onsenkaikan, Shizuoka Prefecture)

3. When the weather cooperates, the mountain is reflected, upside-down, in Lake Kawaguchiko. (Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei, Yamanashi Prefecture)

4. The highland location offers an extraordinary vista for bathers in the open-air hot spring. (Ohito Hotel, Shizuoka Prefecture)

5. This spa is so accessible that you have time to soak in its waters after hiking on the mountain and sightseeing. (Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji no Yu, Yamanashi Prefecture)