2014 No.13


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Mount Fuji, Symbol of Japan


Fuji—Here, There, and Everywhere

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Mount Fuji in today’s lifestyles

Its profile is simple, easily recognizable, a perfect cone shape. So Mount Fuji has the ability to influence the design of many everyday items. These days, cute little Fuji items are seen more and more in pop culture, too.

Photos by Horiguchi Hiroaki

Decorating everyday items

1. Open up the folding fan and yes, another Mount Fuji.
2. For people who want a protective cover for their passport, one option closely resembles a famous woodblock print.
3. Set the handkerchief down so that air remains trapped underneath.
4. Roll it up and you have a long, thin megaphone with a Fuji design.
5. Pull the tissue paper from the middle of the case and voila, snow on the summit.
6. A safety cone for construction sites and other locations where caution is required.

Collaboration: Kamakura Koshidou (1); goodbymarket (3 & 5); AD Line (4 & 6)

Fuji makes it even better

1. Small cups for serving saké. Turn them upside down to enjoy the view.
2. The Fuji on the cup is actually part of a teabag.
3. The ice cube maker’s ice is shaped like Fuji. Drop it in a glass and enjoy a transparent Mount Fuji.
4. Pour some beer in the glass and there is Mount Fuji, complete with snow on the top.

Collaboration: Kinshodo (1); Sorarine (2); Idea International Co., Ltd. (3); Sugahara Glassworks Inc. (4)

Delightful stationary

1. Fold the origami papers in different ways to make different versions of the mountain.
2. Fold a memo pad into a cone.
3. Open the envelope to see Mount Fuji reflected upside down in the silver paper.
4. Paperclip versions of Fuji

Collaboration: goodbymarket (1 & 3); kamiterior (2); Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. (4)