2020 NO.28

Tokyo: The Ultimate Gourmet Experience


Savoring Tokyo in a Day

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Left: Sashimi—thin slices of fresh raw fish—is a delicious treat even when eaten only with a splash of soy sauce.
Right: Another way to enjoy the flavor of sashimi is by serving it on warm rice and pouring tea or broth on it to make chazuke. Shown here is the popular tai chazuke served at a venerable old restaurant in Ginza well-known for its eel dishes. It is prepared by pouring tea over Japanese red seabream sashimi seasoned with sesame miso sauce. (Chikuyotei, Ginza)

Known as the best place to eat ramen, Tokyo offers a rich variety of the iconic noodle soup dish. First, though, we recommend you try the classic “Tokyo Ramen,” which features a light and savory soy sauce-based broth (left). In recent years, restaurants have also started to offer vegan ramen, which contains no animal ingredients at all and can be enjoyed by those who don’t eat meat (right). (SORANOIRO NIPPON@Tokyo Ramen Street)

Left: Where there are long lines, you will find delicious ramen.
Right: At most ramen shops, food tickets are purchased in advance from the vending machine.

Left: Well-hidden in the entertainment and shopping districts in the heart of Tokyo, there are numerous alleys thickly lined with izakaya bars that serve snacks at reasonable prices. (Shinjuku Nishi-guchi Memories Alley)
Right: A little past 7 p.m., the izakaya bars fill with the after-work crowd. (Public Bar Fukuro, Mikuni Koji)

Korokke (Japanese croquette) (front right), diced tuna fish (front left), and grilled chicken meatball skewers (left back). These and other reasonably-priced delicious snacks are one of the attractions of izakaya bars. (Public Bar Fukuro, Mikuni Koji)

Oden is a popular winter dish, very warming in the cold months. It is a simple stew featuring fried fish balls and other ingredients in a broth.

Yakitori is a delicacy of bite-sized pieces of chicken skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled. The aromatic smoke is part of the experience of enjoying yakitori.

Hiyayakko is a dish many customers order first because it is served almost immediately. It is chilled tofu with an assortment of savory toppings, served with a drizzle of soy sauce.