2020 NO.28

Tokyo: The Ultimate Gourmet Experience


Japanese Cuisine for the Seasons


Sashimi of prawns and yellow jack caught in Tokyo Bay are arranged in the shape of a folding fan used in traditional dances during cherry blossom viewing. The plate featuring a design of grass sprinkled with cherry blossoms enhances the spring ambience.


Conger pike, a delicacy that gets particularly fatty in summer, is scalded and then immediately immersed in icy water. The fish is served in a bowl with kelp broth and decorated with a star-shaped slice of green yuzu citrus fruit, which, together with fireworks depicted on the inside of the lid, creates the image of a summer night sky.


Rice cooked with maitake (hen-of-the-woods) mushrooms picked in the mountains of Tohoku during the autumn harvest season is sprinkled with salmon roe marinated in soy sauce and fragrant Japanese honeywort.


The meat of snow crab, a beloved winter delicacy, is steamed and then returned to the shell. The creative arrangement is served in a matching leaf-shaped plate, with a vibrant decoration of cucumbers and two types of edible chrysanthemum.
(All four dishes are prepared by Kaiseki Komuro)