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niponica no.27

No.27  The Olympics Are Coming to Tokyo

In July 2020, Japan will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. This issue of niponica explores the true essence of this innovative sports festival, whose vision, while firmly based on the legacy of the Tokyo 1964 Games, extends far into the future.

niponica no.26

No.26  Welcome to Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens attracting people as seasons change, modeling after nature.
Why not look into the fascinating world of Japanese gardens?

niponica no.25

No.25  Japan’s Decorative Art of Urushi

Shikki - representative of Japan’s decorative arts.
These decorative items of art full of Japanese charm are known as "japan" throughout the world. Full of nature's bounty they surpass the boundaries of time to encompass everyday life.

niponica no.24

No.24  Japanese Festivals Throughout the Year

For centuries, festivals have been essential to the fabric of Japan. They are held to thank the gods for the blessings of nature and to express hope for good health. Unique festivities and rituals give each festival day a special meaning.

niponica no.23

No.23  Style in Japan

The Japanese philosophy of beauty encompasses attention to fashion, hair styling, and cosmetics. This issue of Niponica unveils historical trends in Japan’s unique fashion culture, highlighting some of the ways the Japanese have perpetuated and renewed the art of looking good.

niponica no.22

No.22  Tokyo, a 400-Year Narrative

As the countdown to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games continues, the world has become even more intrigued by Tokyo. For more than 400 years, ever since the Tokugawa Shogunate established its headquarters in Edo (present-day Tokyo), people have continued to be drawn to the city. These pages look at the metropolis from different angles, revealing its tremendous energy and influence.

niponica no.21

No.21  Japan’s Cutting-Edge Pop

The sweeping presence of Japan’s pop culture changes daily.
Kawaii and Cool are not only unique but also offer a glimpse of Japanese tradition and style as they cast their own spell that continues to enchant the world.

niponica no.20

No.20  Railway Journey across Japan

Over valleys, through mountains, across rivers, through tunnels, and along the sea: From Shinkansen traveling at a top speed of 320 km/hr to leisurely local lines, railway journeys in Japan offer unique pleasure and excitement.

niponica no.19

No.19  Japan: Loving the Four Seasons

Japan is a land rich in natural beauty and blessed with four distinct seasons. Since ancient times, its people have been sensitive to the changing seasons and worshiped nature’s gifts.
Come journey with us through Japan to discover a land with undying love for the four seasons.

niponica no.18

No.18  Blending Technology with Tradition: Amazing Paper in Japan

Paper can be a lot more than just a medium for communicating and recording information. The Japanese have long been adept at using paper for a wide variety of purposes. That flair is very much alive today, demonstrating new possibilities for paper.

niponica no.17

No.17  Tiny but Awesome! Miniature Is Big in Japan

Haiku, a complete poem in just 17 syllables. Bonsai, a tree grown in a tiny pot. Or just a pocket-size transistor radio. Even without these well-known examples, it is clear that Japanese culture has a long history of miniaturism—the aesthetic of reducing things to a size just right for their own tiny, perfect world. An appreciation of the beauty of the minuscule and the ability to achieve it have resulted in traditional crafts, industrial products, toys and a lot of other things that are tiny, awesome and cute.

niponica no.16

No.16  Japan, a Place for Relaxation and Soothing Comfort

Take a break. Enjoy a change of pace. Focus on tranquility. Interact with nature and spirit...
Japanese culture has developed ways to refresh the mind and body through relaxation and soothing comfort. Deep within the culture lies a wisdom that can show people caught up in today’s busy world how to savor life.

niponica no.15

No.15  Japan, Land of Water

In Japan, people have a deep connection with the country’s plentiful water resources, creating a natural culture where water is not only used wisely, but also in some very unique ways.

niponica no.14

No.14  Splendor and Sparkle in Japanese Culture

This edition of niponica takes you into a world of gold, silver, light and other glittering touches used to highlight elements in Japanese culture, from traditional handicrafts to contemporary pop design.

niponica no.13

No.13  Mount Fuji, Symbol of Japan

Mount Fuji, so tall, so beautiful. And for many centuries, revered as a sacred place, as well as a source of artistic inspiration. These qualities were recognized in 2013 when UNESCO inscribed Fuji on its World Heritage List as “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration.” The following pages take you closer to this symbol of Japan.

niponica no.12

No.12  Another Side of Japan: Snacks and Sweets

Traditional Japanese confections (wagashi) have subtle flavors, and are often associated with the current season. As the shelves in many shops demonstrate, sweets in Japan come in a multitude of tastes and shapes. They play an important role in the culture of giving, and their packaging can be surprisingly beautiful—so many types, so good to eat, so nice to look at and intriguing as well. This issue welcomes you to a land of wonderful snacks and sweets.

niponica no.11

No.11  Japanese Fabrics Have Their Global Reputation Wrapped Up

Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques handed down from one generation to the next in different parts of the country have created a wide variety of fabrics and made life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. Today, advanced technologies are being used to create cutting-edge textiles that make life better for people around the world.

niponica no.10

No.10  Quality with a Japanese Flair  For Safety and Peace of Mind

Manufacturing, distribution, food production, the retail industry, medical treatment… In all sectors, Japan's flair for quality promotes safety and peace of mind through continual improvements in technologies and services.

niponica no.9

No.9  Japanese Pop Culture  To the Next Stage

Japanese pop culture encompasses fashion, anime, manga, and more, and is beloved not just in Japan but also by people all over the world. This type of culture is centered on young people and has grown more and more sophisticated as it has been nurtured and refined in everyday life. In this issue, we will examine the current state of Japanese pop culture and how Japanese people appreciate and enjoy it.

niponica no.8

No.8  Delicious Japan

Japan is a country of lush and bountiful forests, surrounded on all sides by the sea. Washoku (the traditional dietary culture of the Japanese) has developed thanks to the blessings of these rich natural surroundings as well as the continuous pursuit of perfection by Japanese cooks, evolving into a cuisine now highly praised all over the world. This special feature takes up the allure of Washoku from many perspectives, including ingredients, nutrition, and the beautiful way each dish is served.

niponica no.7

No.7  Japan: Eco-friendly Country

Japan has overcome the problems with pollution in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the oil shocks of the 1970s to become an environmentally friendly country. Striking a balance between economic growth and environmental conservation, in recent years Japan has been making great strides for the development of green technology that is competitive even by global standards.