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Posture and Implements

How to hold the brush

The brush should be held midway between the two ends. Basically use three fingers--your thumb, index finger, and middle finger--to hold it, resting your ring finger for support and allowing your pinkie to lay naturally. The brush is held upright, with the hand not touching the paper.


Sit up straight, without leaning on the back of your seat. And don't sit up too close to the desk, either. Hold the paper still with the hand you're not using to write with.


Bunchin (paperweight)
This heavy metal bar prevents paper from moving.
Shitajiki (writing pad)
The hanshi is placed on top of a pad that's usually made of soft cloth.
Hanshi (calligraphy paper)
Hanshi is commonly made of washi (Japanese hand-molded paper).
Fude (brush)
Suzuri (inkstone) and Sumi (black ink)
Place some water in the indented end of the suzuri (furthest from you) and rub the sumi (in stick form) on the elevated part, wetting the ink from time to time until the sumi melts to produce thick, liquid ink.