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First go to History of Kimonos and learn about how the kimono established itself as a part of Japanese culture. Kimono Types and Designs gives detailed explanations of the kinds of fabric used for kimonos, how they are made, and how obi (sashes) are used. If you want to know at what times Japanese people today wear kimonos, go to Occasions for Wearing Kimonos, where you can read about what is worn when and how colors are coordinated. Finally, move on to Virtual Kimono to try a hand at putting together your own kimono outfit.

Photo: ©Yoshiaki Yamamoto

History of Kimonos
Kimono Types and Designs (1)
Kimono Types and Designs (2)
Occasions for Wearing Kimonos (1)
Occasions for Wearing Kimonos (2)
Virtual Kimono

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