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Virtual Culture

Japan has a rich cultural tradition, and many pastimes have been handed down from one generation to the next. Some of the most popular ones are introduced here, and they are set up so that you can actually "try them out" online.

  •  Sumo
     Try your hand at Sumo, a traditional Japanese sport.
  •  Japanese House
     Experience a Japanese House
  •  Kendama
     Let's learn about Kendama, a very popular game in Japan!
  •  Japanese Box Lunches
     Pack your own Japanese lunch in a Bento box.
  •  Judo
     Try your hand at Judo, a traditional Japanese sport.
  •  Kimono
     Design your own beautiful Kimono outfit.
  •  Yabusame & Kyudo
     Try a game of mounted archery in Yabusame & Kyudo.
  •  Ukiyo-e
     Take a shot at producing a beautiful Ukiyo-e woodblock print.
  •  Fuku Warai
     Want to have fun for the New Year? Then try this traditional Japanese toy: Fuku Warai.
  •  Bonsai
     Or maybe you'd like to try shaping and caring for a Bonsai.
  •  Koto
     You can also try playing a traditional Japanese tune on a Koto.
  •  Shodo
     If you're ready for a real challenge, try writing Japanese letters with a brush in Shodo (calligraphy).
  •  Ikebana
     Arrange cut flowers beautifully in Ikebana.
  •  Exploring Origami
     You can move on to the Exploring Origami chapter, if you'd like to actually make origami figures yourself,
  •  Origami Overview
     Learn about Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.