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How to Play Fukuwarai

Here is a typical way to play fukuwarai with friends when you have the actual game set. You can buy a fukuwarai set with pre-made Okame and Hyottoko faces, or you can also make them by hand out of paper.

  • First, a player spreads out a piece of paper with the outline of a face on it.
  • Then the player is blindfolded with a handkerchief or other cloth.
  • The blindfolded player tries to place the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth pieces on the face. If the player is struggling, other people can shout instructions like "Higher!" "To the left!" or "There!" to help the player out.
  • After the player places all the pieces, the blindfold is removed so the player can view his or her handiwork.
  • Most of the time, the face comes out looking ridiculous, and the players can't keep from laughing.
  • It's also fun to see how the faces created by different players turn out.

So, are you ready to play "Virtual fukuwarai"? Give it a try!