2019 NO.26

Welcome to Japanese Gardens


Let’s Enjoy! Japanese Garden Indoors

With a compact Mini Japanese Garden, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of Japanese landscape art indoors and totally change the ambience of your room.
Let’s take a look at a room featuring a Mini Japanese Garden.

Photo/Cooperation: Niwasho FU-GEN Tokyo
Photo: Kanai Gen

Visitors may enjoy being greeted with a Mini Japanese Garden placed just in front of the gate, as well as one located in an internal room.

Even if you cannot transform your yard into a Japanese garden, you can easily incorporate the sensation of one into everyday living with a Mini Japanese Garden.

Key materials of the Mini Japanese Garden are moss, stones and sand. You can keep your garden in good condition by moderately spraying water on the moss. Everyone loves the ease of maintenance. It can be placed anywhere - living room, bed room, or entrance hall. Because it’s portable, you can enjoy it in different spaces and various ways.

Freely experimenting with your Mini Japanese Garden will help you to understand and appreciate Japanese landscape art.

The small version serves as a perfect accent in your living room.

Niwasho FU-GEN Tokyo

Fukatsu Shintaro and Horiuchi Chie are a married couple who operate Niwashyo FU-GEN Tokyo. They create and manage gardens for individual homes, traditional Japanese restaurants, shrines, and temples.