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Where is that garden?
Let's check the map to find the areas where the gardens you've heard about are located.

① Kyoto


At the back of the Jugyu no niwa Gardens shown on the Table of Contents page is an expanse of bamboo groves, allowing you to enjoy different views.

(Photograph courtesy of: Enkouji Temple)

Katsura Imperial Villa

Built as the imperial family's villa in the 17th century. A famous garden that condenses the best of Japanese beauty.

(Photograph courtesy of: @fukui_norisuke/PIXTA)


A garden created for the Emperor. Well known as a verdant garden in the middle of town.

(Photograph courtesy of: Shinsenen Temple)


A Hojo garden known as a rock garden that represents a dry landscape of mountains and water. A garden with a mysterious aspect.

(Photograph courtesy of: Ryoanji Temple)


At the famed Yokoen garden, blossom-viewing parties with meal are held during limited periods in the best seasons for, respectively, cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, and autumn leaves.

(Photograph courtesy of: Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple)


A garden of the Zen Sect created in 1346. Here, you can appreciate different aspects by viewing it through either rectangular or round windows.

(Photo: HoM/PIXTA)

Murin-an Garden

A garden created with a new, naturalistic perspective - a masterpiece of modern Japanese gardening. Open all year.

(Photograph courtesy of: UEYAKATO LANDSCAPE Co., LTD.)