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What Is Kendama?

The Profound Joy of Playing Kendama

Kendama is a popular game in Japan and around the world, enjoyed by both children and adults. One of the reasons for this popularity is that, while it may appear simple at first glance, kendama is a deep game with more than 30,000 different tricks for players to try to master. It can be played anywhere and by anyone, young and old. The game is said to be helpful in developing concentration and perseverance.

These days, kendama is more than just a toy — there are a large number of national-level competitive kendama tournaments held across Japan, and it is also used as a form of exercise to promote good health.

Let's look today at the secrets behind kendama's appeal, the history of this pastime, the various tricks recognized by the Japan Kendama Association, and the different types of kendama available.

A competitive kendama approved by the Japan Kendama Association (Japan Kendama Association)