2018 NO.24

Japanese Festivals Throughout the Year


A Short Guide to Festival Costumes

Festival costumes have many parts. You are likely to see these as people carry mikoshi portable shrines through the streets, a tradition that goes back about 400 years.

Collaboration: Asakusa Naka-Ya

1Hachi-maki headband

Worn by bushi warriors, the hachimaki is a cloth people wrap around their head to demonstrate dynamism and vigor during a festival.

2Hanten jacket

Part of the work attire of artisans and tradespeople. People often wear one while carrying mikoshi portable shrines.

3Koi-kuchi shirt

A kind of inner-wear, this garment has this name because the sleeves look something like the mouth (kuchi) of a carp (koi).

4Hara-gake apron

Work wear worn by men and women. It has a large pocket, originally designed to hold work implements.

5Jika-tabi boots

The design is basically a split-toe tabi sock furnished with a flexible protective sole. Jika-tabi were originally worn for physical labor.

6Setta footwear

Japanese-style sandals made from the outer layer of bamboo, fitted with leather soles. They are quite water resistant.