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Midterm Exams

Midterm Exams

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Just as there are midterm exams in May - the midpoint in the school year's first semester - exams are held in the middle of the second term as well, usually in late October. The second semester lasts from early September to late December.

Midterms generally last for three days. The subjects tested are Japanese, math, science, social studies, and English - the same as in the first term. As with other test periods, club events and other extracurricular activities come to a stop.

By the second term, students who entered the school in April have gotten used to their new surroundings. They've been through one set of midterms and finals already, and so they've figured out a way to prepare and sit for exams that suits them best.

Autumn tends to be a busy time of year, not just because of midterms but also because many athletic and cultural events tend to be organized then. Quite often, kids get so wrapped up in these events that they forget to do their schoolwork. Second-semester midterms come at one of the busiest times of the year.