NIPPONIA No. 37 June 15, 2006


A Flight over History and Culture

Ancestors' Labor Yields Results

Japan is small in area but has fascinating landforms and lots of mountains, north, south, east and west. In this island country, the human hand has molded the topography, and this work has included building watercourses and developing fields to enjoy the benefits of nature. The results of hard work over many centuries can be seen to this day.

Funaya in the town of Ine

Ine is a small fishing town on the Tango Peninsula, northern Kyoto Prefecture. Houses huddle next to the shore of Wakasa Bay where the water is deep and calm.

The houses, called funaya, have a garage-like space on the "first floor" for boats, and the people live upstairs (see photo right). Some funaya have been turned into tourist homes offering supper, lodgings and breakfast.

(Photos: JTB Photo and Watanabe Manabu)