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Paper Toys


Eco-friendly toys, easy to make on your own and fun to play with

Paper Toys Paper Toys

The popular 'Animal Craft' series. It includes both A4- and postcard-sized pattern papers. Originally released for demonstration purposes, it was commercialized after receiving many positive responses from people in many walks of life.

Handcrafted paper toys assembled by making 3D models from a flat piece of patterned paper are quietly gaining popularity in Japan. The appeal of such toys stems from the fact that you can easily make them yourself, while enjoying the unique textures and warmth that only paper can offer. Since they are made from paper, these toys are very eco-friendly compared to those made from plastics and other materials.

Recently, some Japanese manufacturers have been releasing paper toy sets with a stress on design or playing fun. Products made by a company named Soror Factory, for instance, feature vibrant colors and simple shapes. 'Animal Craft' from Soror Factory, enables you to make cute little animals and insects. And 'Mecha Bank,' a set of animal-themed coin banks that move in delightful ways whenever you make a deposit, are now favorites of both children and adults.

Paper Toys

'Mecha Bank' coin banks that make saving fun, and 'Cubic Story' paper toys that kids can play with while reading classic picture books, won an award at the 3rd Kids Design Awards 2009 in the Product Design Division.

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