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About This Site

Kids Web Japan is a website that introduces Japan to schoolchildren aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries. We would be delighted if this site was used as a supplementary source of information for school lessons on Japan or by families to learn about Japan together. (But please do not copy Kids Web content on to other Internet sites.)

Kids Web Japan is operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

Copyright Notice

The copyright for all the articles, photographs, drawings, games, and video clips on Kids Web Japan belongs to Kids Web Japan, unless otherwise stated. The reuse of Kids Web Japan content for purposes other than those described below requires permission from the copyright holder.

  • Private use or use within a household in pursuit of a personal interest.
  • Use as classroom material for lessons in elementary, middle, and high schools or their equivalents.

For example, posting a Kids Web Japan article or picture on your personal web page does not qualify as "private use," because the page could easily be seen by people around the world on the Internet.