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Paper Toys


Paper blocks offering free-form assembly

Paper Toys

The blocks have a complicated configuration involving four dents and two holes that lets you join them in practically any form you can imagine.

Pablo, a toy set launched by stationery products manufacturer Kokuyo S&T Co., Ltd., enables you to construct whatever you want by combining paper blocks. You even cut the blocks from sheets of paper and assemble them yourself. The company has employed a very fine cardboard made from special paper to reduce weight while enhancing the blocks' durability and strength—to ensure that they don't collapse when piled up in large numbers.

Paper Toys

Painting the blocks different colors or pasting glittering rhinestones on them adds to the fun.

Unlike ordinary building blocks, with which you construct things by stacking them one on top of the other, Pablo blocks can be joined freely in any direction right out of the box. Children have a lot of fun, accompanied by a touch of wonderment, in assembling the paper blocks. And so do their parents.

Paper Toys

Pablo was developed as a toy that cultivates children's creativity. It takes its name from the famous painter Pablo Picasso, and is also an abbreviation of the words 'paper block.'

(Updated in March 2010)

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