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Paper Toys


Cardboard handicraft kits that stimulate interaction

Paper Toys

When fully assembled the tyrannosaurus model measures 13 centimeters tall by 34 centimeters wide. The cardboard itself is 1.5 mm thick. And since it's completely white kids can have even more fun painting it whatever colors they want.

The 'Hacomo' are cardboard handicraft kits manufactured by Fuji Danball Kogyo Co., Ltd. As the cardboard cutout parts are assembled, dinosaurs and animals appear. The assembly process is easy, requiring only simple insertion of the parts into slots with no need for glue or scissors.

Fuji Danball developed the 'Hacomo' kits from a desire to communicate the fun of creating things to children, and to teach them the value of the interactions involved. The company aims to support 'Happy Communication,' which is where the name 'Hacomo' came from, by holding events that create opportunities for interaction among children, and between children and their parents. In recognition of these efforts, 'Hacomo' was presented with an award at the 3rd Kids Design Awards 2009 in the Communication Design Division.

Paper Toys

A 'Hacomo-Plus' series, which shows the same concern for materials and manufacturing methods, is scheduled to be released overseas as well. Japanese washi paper is pasted on the elephant, giving it a special made-in-Japan flavor.

Paper Toys

Large numbers of parents and children gather at every 'Hacomo' handicraft event to enjoy the experience of assembling toys by hand.

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