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They are magical animal characters with glowing gemstone eyes


A group of adorable little animal characters with brilliant jewels for eyes are casting a spell over young Japanese girls. The animals are known as the ‘Jewelpet,’ and there are a total of 34 of them. They live in the magical kingdom of ‘Jewelland’ with their master, who is a wizard. Each one of them has big glowing eyes made of a different jewel—such as sapphires, rubies, diamonds, or garnets—and all of them have magic powers linked to the color of their gemstone.

The Jewelpet are appearing in serialized manga (comic strips) published in magazines for children, and in an animated manga series on TV. The great popularity of the Jewelpet is not surprising when you realize who created them. They have two ‘parents.’ One is none other than Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, the delightful little kitten character that has charmed girls and women all across the world. And the other is Sega Toys, the famous toy maker and video game publisher.

The Main Jewelpet Characters


●Name: Ruby
●Jewelry name: Ruby
●Breed: Japanese Rabbit
●Male or female: Female
●Power of Jewelry: Boosts luck and helps you to overcome difficulties.


●Name: Sapphie
●Jewelry name: Sapphire
●Breed: Cavalier
●Male or female: Female
●Power of Jewelry: Luck with friendship. Brings wisdom and cool-headedness. Increases your sense of beauty.


●Name: Garnet
●Jewelry name: Garnet
●Breed: Persian
●Male or female: Female
●Power of Jewelry: Luck with love. Rewards your efforts by giving you success in love.

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