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The story of the Jewelpet is a story of overcoming all kinds of challenges with magic powers


This is Rinko Kogyoku (the one holding up the magic pocketbook). Rinko is the young junior high school girl who first found Ruby. And since then she and Ruby have been having many adventures together with the other Jewelpet.

It all started when one day all but one of the Jewelpet disappeared from Jewelland: only the rabbit named Ruby was left in the magical kingdom. So Ruby left the kingdom and came to the human world in search of her companions, who were scattered here and there in the same form that she was: in the form of jewels.

Then a young junior high school girl, whose name was Rinko Kogyoku, happened along and saw a pretty ruby on the ground. She picked it up. And then a mystery man appeared, who handed her a magic pocketbook and instructed her to join up with Ruby and help her gather gems. When Rinko used the pocketbook to cast a spell, suddenly Ruby emerged from the ruby in the form of a lovely pet! And ever since then Rinko has been using her magic powers to overcome many different challenges, while searching for lost Jewelpet with Ruby.

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