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Little girls have fallen in love with many Jewelpet items

The Jewelpet world is not limited to manga. It has expanded its borders now to include toys, such as magic wands and jewel pocketbooks, as well as a wide variety of character products, including kids’ stationery, and lunch box-related items.

Among the Jewelpet toys are the ‘Webgurumi,’ the first stuffed animals in Japan to also inhabit cyberspace. If you buy one of these stuffed animals, you can use a password that comes with it to enter a special Jewelland website and play there. Life in the Jewelland website is very exciting and highly diverse, with games to play, lessons to learn in a school of magic, room interior decorating to do, e-mail messages to be exchanged with friends, and lots of unexpected and entertaining twists and turns.


A magical house of jewels. This is the house where Ruby the Japanese rabbit lives in the magical kingdom of Jewelland. As you can see, the furniture and the interior decoration are very lovely. When you wave your magic wand over the house, it produces sounds, and various areas of the rooms emit a brilliant glow. And when you place the characters in the rooms, the accessories they are wearing glow brilliantly, too.


The ‘Webgurumi.’ If you buy one of these stuffed Jewelpet, you’ll find a secret number inscribed on a card attached to it. When you access Jewelland on the Internet you can input that number to call up a virtual Jewelpet exactly like the stuffed one you purchased.


On the Jewelland website, you can play at room coordination if you want, arranging your choice of furniture in Jewelland’s ‘My Room’ space.


Even studying is more fun when you’re surrounded by Jewelpet stationery, which comes in cute hues of pink, pale blue and other pastel colors.

(Updated in February 2010)

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