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(C)N/S, KP, TX 2006

Tsukishima Kirari is a second-year middle school student who is full of energy, loves to eat, and is the prettiest girl at her school. One day she runs into a boy on the street named Hiwatari Seiji. Taken with him, Kirari wants to meet Seiji again, so she begins searching for him. When she finds out he is a member of the popular pop group SHIPS, she declares that she will become a star, too.

Kirarin Revolution is a TV anime series about this girl who wants to be near the boy she likes and thus sets out on the road to stardom. The show began in 2006, and the third series, which started in April 2008, is now on air in Japan. The show is a huge hit with elementary school girls, who enjoy rooting for Kirari’s success in the showbiz world.