NIPPONIA No. 42 September 15, 2007


Special Featuresp_star.gifOkinawa’s Beautiful Sea

Marvels of a Sea and Coast
Washed by the Warm Kuroshio Current

Okinawa is caressed by the warm Kuroshio Current, which flows up from the south to create ideal conditions for many kinds of fish and colorful corals. The colors of Okinawa are rich—from emerald green seas to pure white beaches. The seacoasts can be breathtakingly beautiful—just look at the cliffs carved into fantastic shapes by wind and waves. These pages invite you on a virtual tour of a few of Okinawa’s ocean charms.

Written by Tsuchiya Komei
Photos by Nakamura Tsuneo, Nakamura Takehiro and Ikeda Tsuyoshi.
Other photo credits: JTB Photo, The Mainichi Newspapers Co.


Strange beach rock formation

O-jima Island, east of the island of Kume-jima, is noted for its tatami-ishi rocks, which fit together like tatami mats. Unlike the mats, though, the rocks generally have five or six sides.The rocks make an interesting contrast with the color of the sea nearby.

Majestic whale

Humpback whales breed and raise their young off Okinawa around the first three months of the year. Whale watching is a common tourist pastime when they are offshore.