NIPPONIA No. 42 September 15, 2007


Japan Travelogue

Enjoy Life at One of These Southern Island Resorts

Nipponia presents four of Okinawa’s many fine resorts that offer a truly enjoyable and relaxing time by the sea.

Written by Sanada Kuniko and Uchiyama Ikue  Photos by Sugawara Chiyoshi and Kawada Masahiro

Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas

Spend time in paradise beside the forest and the sea

The Royal Suite has a magnificent canopied bed.

Oura Bay on the northeastern coast of the main island of Okinawa is treasured for its coral, tropical fish and dugongs. The sea and a subtropical forest wilderness form the backdrop to Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas, situated on expansive grounds (about 2.6 km²) that include an 18-hole golf course. For your lodgings you have a choice of a hotel room or one of the cottages. Meals are eaten in a separate building, and there are three pools. To get around the resort you may want to rent a fancy vehicle that is something like a golf cart, or take the shuttle bus.

Everything from the guest rooms and beds to the balconies is designed big, for extra relaxation. You may want a luxurious suite, or a guest room with easy-to-use kitchen facilities for a longer stay, or a great cottage for your family or group.

The hotel offers opportunities for the holiday thrill seeker: the largest mangrove swamp on the island, waiting to be explored on a kayak tour; parasailing for sky adventurers; and even classes in the sanshin, a three-stringed instrument used in the traditional music of Okinawa. You will want to stay several days, taking your time to commune with the nature and culture of Okinawa.

· Address: 156-2 Abu, Nago, Okinawa
· Tel: +81-980-55-8880
· Fax: +81-980-55-8693
· Reservation center: Tel +81-98-869-5500; Fax +81-98-869-5655
· Number of rooms: 317
· (Japanese-language website)

Left: The hotel features red tiled roofs and white walls, seen here from the golf course.
Above: The restaurant, Kusukusu, serves awamori, a distilled alcohol from Okinawa, and local cuisine like the deep-fried fish and sautéed goya bitter gourd pictured here.