NIPPONIA No. 42 September 15, 2007


Japan Travelogue   Enjoy Life at One of These Southern Island Resorts

The Busena Terrace

Sun and sea breezes… A very special resort

The large, bright lobby with high ceilings has an excellent view of the sea.

The resort restaurant, Ryutan, specializes in food cooked on a stainless steel grill in front of you, like exclusively raised beef and fish.


The moment you step into the lobby your eye is drawn to the blue sea beyond. In different places inside the building, the subtropical sunlight streams in and a sea breeze drifts in through the ceiling-high windows. The Busena Terrace, one of Okinawa’s most luxurious resort hotels, is on Busena Misaki, a cape jutting into the East China Sea on the northwestern shore of the main island of Okinawa. The hotel is quite close to Bankoku Shinryokan, where the G8 Summit was held in 2000, and it is easy to imagine the leaders gazing out at the same sea from this same peninsula.

Checking in at the resort is an experience in itself—you fill out the form while seated on the terrace overlooking the sea, and with a cup of hibiscus tea served for you. The beach gown in your room is for you to put on before walking down to the beach. There you may see people on jet skis, and a quieter group reclining on beach chairs near the water. This is your chance to enjoy the ocean waters of Okinawa as you wish. If you ever get tired of the beach, you can always go to the beauty parlor for the ultimate in relaxation. If there is a paradise, surely it is close to here.

And then there are the club cottages, hidden away at the tip of the peninsula for guests who want even greater opportunities for relaxation. The rooms have spacious windows facing the sea, ideal for your own view of the sun slipping slowly below the horizon.

· Address: 1808 Kise, Nago, Okinawa
· Tel: +81-980-51-1333
· Fax: +81-980-51-1331
· Number of rooms: 410

Left: The interior of this elegant room was decorated in natural tones to achieve a harmonized effect.
Right: The gate to the club cottage garden. The small lion at its base is one of a pair said to keep bad luck away.

The lobby’s terrace has a good view of the hotel pool next to the coral-white beach and blue sea.