NIPPONIA No. 42 September 15, 2007


Okinawa: The Call of the Sea

In Okinawa, the sea sparkles most brightly in the summer. But you can dive throughout the year, and enjoy a fairly warm swim as early as March and as late as the end of October. Okinawa has plenty of other attractions as well—nature, cultural heritage, food, and more. Here are some basic facts to help you enjoy a trip to Okinawa and the sea.


Getting there

· Flying direct to Naha Airport from abroad

From Seoul (Incheon), about 2 hrs 15 min (3 flights a week)
From Shanghai, about 2 hrs (2 flights a week)
From Taipei, about 1 hr 20 min (2 flights every day)

· From Tokyo to Naha, Ishigaki or Miyako

From Narita International Airport, about 2 hrs 30 min to Naha
From Haneda Airport, about 2 hrs 30 min to Naha, 3 hrs to Ishigaki, 3 hrs to Miyako

· From Osaka to Naha or Ishigaki

From Kansai International Airport, about 2 hrs to Naha, 2 hrs 35 min to Ishigaki

· From Fukuoka to Naha

From Fukuoka Airport, about 1 hr 35 min to Naha

· From Naha to smaller Okinawan islands

From Naha Airport, about 20 min to Kerama, 30 min to Kumejima, 45 min to Miyako, 55 min to Ishigaki, 1 hr 35 min to Yonaguni

· From Ishigaki to other islands

By high-speed boat, about 10 min to Taketomi, 40 min to Iriomote

Japan Air Lines (JAL): (English)
All Nippon Airways (ANA): (English)
Naha Airport: (Japanese only)

Getting around the main island

A monorail system and buses are available, but you may find taxis or a rental car more convenient when visiting tourist spots.

· Taxi service for tourists (English spoken)

Okinawa Prefecture Taxi Cooperative Association
Tel: +81-98-868-9726
Fax: +81-98-861-5159

· Car rental

Nippon Rent-A-Car
A shuttle bus will take you from Naha Airport to the company’s nearest rental office. (English)
U.S. Rent-a-Car
(Chinese, English and Korean spoken)
Tel: +81-98-859-5908
Fax: +81-98-857-5366

Tourist information

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
(Chinese, English and Korean)
Tel: +81-98-859-6123
Fax: +81-98-859-6221 or +81-98-859-6222

Okinawa info

Wonder Okinawa

Digital archives introducing Okinawa’s natural wonders and cultural heritage, using a wide assortment of photos, text, images and voice-overs (English)

Naha City Tourist Association (Chinese, English & Korean)

Okinawa Prefecture (English)

Information on diving

Okinawa Marine Leisure Safety Bureau (Japanese only)


Diving lessons around the world. Website lets you search for dive spots in Okinawa. (Many languages)