2019 NO.26

Welcome to Japanese Gardens


Beautiful Gardens in Japan

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The beautiful sights and sensations of Japanese gardens

Genko-an (Kyoto Prefecture, Photo: torakichi/PIXTA)

Enjoy the view of a Japanese garden.
Feel as if you are blending into nature as you gaze at it.
By looking at and feeling Japanese gardens, you can come closer to the essence of their beauty.

Taizo-in “Yokoen Pond Strolling Garden” (Kyoto Prefecture, photo:Taizo-in)

Pathway to the even more extraordinary

Walking to the tea-ceremony house on stepping stones arranged as a path, you will be overcome with the wonderful feeling that you are being led into new space.

Garden at a Japanese-style inn, “Kojun” (Kyoto Prefecture, photo: R. CREATION/Aflo)

Ritsurin Garden (Kagawa Prefecture, photo: R. CREATION/Aflo)