2019 NO.25

Japan’s Decorative Art of Urushi


Incorporating Urushi-nuri Into Everyday Life

Many shikki that look modern and have up-to-date functions have been created.
Why not incorporate decorative items of urushi art into your contemporary everyday lifestyle?

Modern Functions

Kanazawa decorative paulownia wood art
Handy tray

Tray with a hollowed-out section to neatly nestle cookies, Japanese sweets, vases small accessories, etc. Perfect for everyday use with a rustic texture and simple structure that goes with any interior decor.

(Iwamoto Kiyoshi Shouten: “Chokotto Tray” made using the Fuki-urushi technique)

Echizen shikki
Urushi bowl that you will want to use every day

Fine particle urushi is applied to make this bowl extra durable. It may look like a regular bowl but it is extra resistant to breaking and scratching.

(j cocomo Co., Ltd.: “Fudan” Fuku-wan)

Kawatsura shikki, etc.
Easy-scoop dishware

Warping and straightening of the inside of the cup makes it easier to scoop out food without spilling. Infants to adults - anyone can use it. Dishware that helps you "eat by yourself" - handcrafted by artisans from around Japan.

(aeru company)

Aizu Nuri
Easy-grip urushi bowl

Bowls with a universal design that have a groove cut into the base where you can place your finger, making them safe to carry even if you have a weak grip. As the bowl is made using urushi, it does not get hot to the touch.

(Rakuzen LLC: Rakuzen Bowl)

Modern Designs

Chopstick rests in a changeable shape

A set of five chopstick rests that link together to form a “ring.” The individual rests are fan-shaped and will firmly support your chopsticks.

(WAJIMA KIRIMOTO: Chopstick Rests “Ring”)

Kagawa shikki
Colorful spoons and forks

Colorful urushi spoons and forks made of light wood that is perfect for everyday use.
The urushi coating makes the tips of the cutlery smooth to the touch.
They feel good on the tongue, so you can use them without any discomfort.

(tao.Co., Ltd.)