2017 No.22

Tokyo, a 400-Year Narrative


Statistics Tell a Big Story

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Tokyo: Metropolis and Economic Magnet

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has more people than any other metropolis in the world. It is a center for the convergence of people, things, information and so much more, and the pulse of its mighty economy beats strong, day in, day out.

Population of the World’s Largest Megacities: A Comparison

(Unit: millions)
Source: The World’s Cities in 2016, United Nations

Global Ranking of GDP by City

Unit: US$ billion
Source: Global Metro Monitor 2015, Brookings Institution

Urban Economic Magnets of the World: How They Rank

Unit: The score calculated by the Institute for Urban Strategies (IUS) at the Mori Memorial Foundation
Source: Global Power City Index in 2016, Institute for Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation

Life in Tokyo: Convenient and Safe

A dense rail network with tentacles spreading out in all directions, and stations within walking distance to just about anywhere in the urban center—yet another description of Tokyo. Research institutes in other countries give high marks to the city’s safety record, listing Japan’s unique koban (police boxes), where policemen work under a 24-hour shift system, as one factor ensuring law and order. Tokyo was placed at the top of the list of most livable cities by the UK magazine Monocle for three years in a row, and France’s Michelin Guide says Tokyo comes first in the world for the number of restaurants awarded stars.

Livability Ranking

*1 Source: Monocle July/August 2017, Win Content AG
*2 Source: Safe Cities Index 2015, Economist Intelligence Unit
*3 Source: Table 5, Statistical Tables, Metropolitan Police Department Statistics, 2015

Average Number of People Using Shinjuku Station on a Weekday

Source: Guinness World Records

Number of Hotel and Ryokan Rooms in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Source: Industry and Employment in Tokyo: A Graphic Overview, 2017, Bureau of Industrial Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Number of Eating and Drinking Establishments in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Source: 2014 Economic Census: Basic Survey, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017