2013 No.11


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Souvenirs of JapanSouvenirs of Japan


Furoshiki Cloth for Wrapping Things

Photo by Ito Chiharu  Collaboration: Musubi


A furoshiki is a square piece of cloth. It has been used for centuries in Japan to make a kind of bag for carrying or storing important objects. It makes it easy to carry things of just about any shape, any way you want.

Furoshiki cloths come in a wide variety of designs, from a traditional focus on some aspect of nature or pattern, to the modern liking for something cute. They are generally made of cotton, silk or polyester and others, and they come in different sizes, so some can be used as scarves, others even as tablecloths.

When you are not using your furoshiki, it folds up small so you can carry it around for when you need it. And it offers more than convenience—you can use it time after time as an eco-friendly shopping bag. No wonder the popularity of furoshiki is growing.