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a) Yes, she has a twin sister.

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Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy. Both Kitty and Mimmy were born on November 1, 1974. They look almost identical, but Kitty wears her ribbon on her left ear and Mimmy wears hers on her right ear. Their personalities are different too: Kitty is a cheerful and gentle-hearted girl, while Mimmy is a bit shy. They're best buddies.

Kitty's dad is named George, and her mom, who makes great apple pie, is named Mary. Her grandpa and grandma are Anthony and Margaret. Kitty even has a boyfriend of her age, Daniel. She also has many friends, including a rabbit, a bear, a mouse, and a dog.

Created in Japan in 1974, the cute little kitten is a popular character that everyone knows. There are many stationery and other goods featuring Hello Kitty, and fans can meet her at a theme park in Tokyo. She is very busy appearing all over the place, from the sides of airplanes, trains, and buses to postage stamps and credit cards. Kitty is loved by fans in more than 60 countries. Have you seen her around you?