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1. Does Hello Kitty have any brothers or sisters?

2. How many Shinkansen (bullet train) lines are there in Japan?

3. Kansai International Airport in Osaka was the first airport in the world to do what?

4. Why can next-generation injection devices be absorbed into the body?

5. Which of these statements about Japan's National High School Baseball Championship is true?

6. Which of the following statements about the Super Sentai series of special-effects TV shows is false?

7. Why do black glaciers melt more easily than other glaciers?

8. Why can origami paper airplanes can enter the Earth's atmosphere without burning up?

9. What is the origin of the name Edogawa, the family name of the main character from the TV anime Detective Conan?

10. At Japanese sports events, where and when do the supporters' brass bands play?

11. What is the conventional way to make rolled sushi in Japan?

12. What number do you dial in Japan if there is a fire?

13. Which of these is the correct description of a beigoma?

14. Why is it good for the environment to put out fires with foam from soap water?

15. Which of the following is true about the soroban (Japanese abacus)?

16. In which aquatic event did a Japanese athlete win two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

17. Director Miyazaki Hayao's animated film Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea was released in Japan in 2008. Which of the following is true about the film?

18. What color are the garbage bags used by most households in Japan?

19. Which of the following is seen in Japan as a possible source of biomass fuel?

20. Which of the following is NOT true about Japanese curry?

21. One of the ingredients in curry has been used to make plastic. Which of the following statements about this substance is NOT true?

22. Which of the following liquids can be made to solidify into gel when exposed to sound?

23. We know that some liquids solidify when a certain type of sound is applied. What causes this to happen?

24. The most popular line of plastic models in Japan is based on which of the following characters?

25. What is Doraemon, the lead character in a popular TV anime of the same name?

26. What kind of animal is a coelacanth?

27. A pencil case based on ideas from elementary school students has become popular with older kids, too. Which of the following is NOT one of the pencil case's features?

28. What is "phytoplasma"?

29. How many kinds of plant diseases are there?

30. What is special about the one-person helicopter developed in Japan?

31. Seaweed can be used to produce energy and many other things. Which of the following is NOT being made from seaweed?

32. Aonori, or green laver, is a kind of seaweed that is often eaten in Japan. What special way of growing aonori was invented so it could be used as fuel?

33. There is an amusement park attraction in Japan in which people can appear on screen as characters in a computer graphics movie. Which of the following is true about this attraction?

34. Japan conducted an experiment in which figures were made out of clay in space. What kind of clay was used?

35. Which of these statements about Japanese custard pudding, a favorite dessert among kids, is FALSE?

36. Which of these statements about dagashi stores is FALSE?

37. Which of these functions is NOT included in the latest Japanese photo sticker machines?

38. A puzzle with a name meaning "the puzzle that makes you smart" and known abroad as KenKen has become popular both in Japan and overseas. What is KenKen like?

39. In Japan, where baths are for soaking in after washing and rinsing your body, there are many fun bath salts to put in the water. Which of the following does NOT exist (as of February 2009)?