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Obama Elementary School

What I Like Most about Our School


The view from the roof

When asked what makes him proud of his school, fourth grader Masanobu immediately answers, "The beautiful view of Sakurajima from the roof." Hearing this, we go up to the roof of the three-story building. Because the school is built on a hill, the view from up there is spectacular, and you can spend hours gazing at the perfect shape of Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay.

Viewed from Kagoshima City, Sakurajima looks very jagged. But from Hayato Town, where Obama Elementary School is located, it looks totally different, with sides as smooth as those of Mt. Fuji. Sometimes you can even see it spouting volcanic ash and white smoke.


Flowers in the school grounds make everyone smile.

Akari, who is in the fourth grade, shows us the plants on the grounds of the school. There are many kinds of flowers planted in each season, but Akari says her favorites are summer sunflowers and Salvia. Mischievous boys sometimes lick the sweet-tasting nectar from the base of the Salvia pistils. "Sometimes there are ants inside the flower. If you eat an ant, you're supposed to be able to run faster, but I haven't tried it myself," she jokes.