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Personal Robots


Prototype robots made by NEC. These robots recognize human faces and like talking to people. Their characters change depending on how people interact with them.

miuro(©2007 ZMP INC.)

This is an intelligent musical robot that dances to the music it plays. It can play music files from an iPod or PC with a high sound quality. It adapts to the lifestyle of the user to make life more fun.

nuvo(©2007 ZMP INC.)

Chosen as one of Time magazine�s Coolest Inventions 2005, these were the first humanoid bipedal, walking robots in the world to be put on general sale. They can stand up, walk, and tell people the time.

HAL(Prof. Sankai, Univ. of Tsukuba / CYBERDYNE Inc.)

When a person wears this revolutionary robot suit, he or she becomes much stronger and able to carry much heavier weights.