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Robot Hotspots

The Kansai region in western Japan is a hive of robot innovation.

Nipponbashi DEN DEN Town

Robot Map

This map introduces robot-related shops in the Nipponbashi district of Osaka.

RoboCup Junior

In the RoboCup Junior, which is held at the same time as the RoboCup for adults, kids compete at soccer using robots they built themselves.

Robots from Kansai

VisiON TRYZ(V stone)

In 2006 this robot won the humanoid league at the RoboCup World Championship for the third straight year. This photo shows the robot next to the cup it won for best humanoid.


This robot has a natural walking style like a person, because it can walk without bending its legs. Thanks also to its warm, comfortable shape, which means it would look good in an ordinary home, it was chosen as one of Time�s Coolest Inventions 2004.

Robot Museum in Nagoya (opened in October 2006)


This robot museum features fascinating exhibitions on robot design and the history of robots.

Robot Mirai Department

The Robot Mirai Department is home to robots from around the world. Visitors can touch as well as look at them, and there is also a robot-making workshop.