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Cream Decorating Toy Sets


Handcrafting cute little knickknacks with a pastry motif

Cream Decorating Toy Sets

From cakes and doughnuts to macaroons... Everything looks delicious in this fantastic Land of Sweets!

Cream pastry ornaments are a really big craze in Japan these days. You can make them yourself, and if you do it right they look so delicious they make your mouth water. But you can't possibly eat them because all those scrumptious-looking cakes, doughnuts, cream puffs, éclairs and things that seem so real are just toys.

Those real-looking toy ‘sweets’ are the inspired idea of a Japanese company named Epoch Co., Ltd. The company noticed that many women in Japan—from little girls to grandmothers—had developed a fascination for knickknacks and accessory items that looked like little cakes, doughnuts, cookies, and other pastries. It also noticed that quite a few of those women were not satisfied with what the stores offered, and had begun handcrafting their own original pastry ornaments.

And so Epoch developed a series of do-it-yourself toy sets to make it easy to create pastry ornaments with a personal touch.

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