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Cream Decorating Toy Sets


Over a million sets sold in the first year

The first cream decorating toy set appeared in the spring of 2008. A series of sets with pastry motifs ranging from doughnuts to cupcakes quickly followed. And as of March 2009 sales had passed the one million mark! This is an astonishing success in the Japanese toy market, where a product is considered a hit if it achieves sales of 10,000 units.

Cream Decorating Toy Sets

With the new Excellent Set you can create a total of 20 different pastry ornaments, including a decorated double-layer cake.

One big reason for the immense popularity of the cream decorating toy sets is the enjoyment that mothers and daughters find in making the little pastry ornaments together. Another is the opportunity it gives young women to practice before making their own original pastry accessories. Their amazing popularity contributed to the selection of the cream decorating toy sets for an award at the first Japanese Toy Awards in 2008. They took the Excellence Award in the Trendy Toy category.

(Updated in January 2010)

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